Safe Drinking Water?

Safe Drinking Water?

Several years ago while working my way through college I  took on an evening job selling in-home water filtration systems. I went out on appointments with a handy, rudimentary kit that tested the water from the tap.  Most of the testing I did was in homes in the Denver metro area and then further west into the foothills of Denver.  While my kit wasn’t overly scientific it revealed results that duly impressed.

One of my visits was to a home of a gentleman who owned a roofing company. His concern, quite admirably was for the guys on the roofs and their lack of good hydration. He wanted a portable unit that could be handy for his crews.  I gave this fellow kudos for going over and beyond what an employer would normally do, but he went on to explain that it boiled down to a CYA move.  If the men were properly hydrated with good clean water it would be safer for them in the hot dry climate on the top of oftentimes steep roofs.

Another client who owned a travel agency had been

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The Love of Travel

I love to travel to new and different places and there is no shortage of such sites on this glorious planet of ours. I remember jumping out of mango trees in the tropics into alligator ridden swamps and not giving a care one way or the other. I dove into cenotes in the Yucatan that spit me out like a piece of unwanted lunch meat. I’ve walked through a dense jungle at night knowing that a jaguar was watching me the entire time since his prints were still fresh on the trail I walked. I’ve had some great times out in the world.

Recently one day while at home trying hard to stay out of the way of the roofers I hired to replace the hail damage from a recent storm that came through, I realized I had not jumped from an airplane, zip lined above a jungle canopy or gone on a photo safari . . . or . . . or . . . or . . . a lot of great things in a very long time. I was way overdue, and so I got to thinking about my next great adventure.

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Time to Travel

As we grow older we should have more time and money.  Is it working out that way for you? Recently I was invited to join some friends in Spain – Madrid to be precise, the land of the Flamenco.  I have the time and I have the money, but I don’t want to leave my elderly dog. He’s been with me through so much and he is on his last months or perhaps weeks now.  I have had the good fortune to see a lot of this wonderful world, but there are a few destinations left on my bucket list.  They can wait while I stay close to home with my old buddy.  I’ll fill the time by having the house painted.  It’s a chore that’s been needing attention for a long while and I like the idea of having something new as I have to let go of something old.  Besides the destinations that have made my short list will be there long after my four legged fellow is gone.

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Welcome to My Travel Blog

Welcome to my travel blog. I know there are thousands of new travel articles on the web daily, and with more coming in every hour. So maybe this blog is just a way for me to re-live some great times and live other times vicariously. Whichever way it is, read, enjoy and come along with me.

Travel is – in a word – necessary.

Right off the bat you can tell I am a hardcore vagabond. makes no apologies for this, after, all some of us just can’t help ourselves.

This blog is going to bring you some of the latest trends and fashionable travel destinations that I personally highly recommend and why. Some of what you read here will be in story form and other blogs will show up in more of a brochure format.

I love the industry of travel. Or more corectly, I love the commaraderie that underlies every adventure out there. Fellow sojourners share a kindered spririt. This makes the world a more hospitable place in may ways. The beauty is, each one of us having a completely individual experience.

If I’ve been to the South of France and gone into wine country my experience is uniquely my own no matter how many others have done it before, with or since. Therefore in my case you will get the rolling his of the wine country in the south of France from a person who can’t drink. Now there’s a different way to see the vineyards and still fall in love with the energy of an area. How many of you would like to take a train trip through Nappa Valley yet you don’t want to partake of one of the area’s biggest draws? I can’t be the only one who steers clear of alcohol and yet doesn’t want to steer clear of such a beautiful place. Get my take on the matter and give me your feedback. Leave comments below and tell me about the last journey you took to parts previously unknown to you.

I borrow insights from fellow travelers who have been to places I haven’t and I draw from my own experiences. If I go into a land of enchantment – and I don’t necessarily mean New Mexico, USA – you’ll know it. I won’t mislead you. There’s no need. The world is full of unending, magical travel tales.

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